Am I traveller OR Tourist ?


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I am writing this post on a moving train with a brownie on my side which I picked up from a local cafe while I was meeting one of my old friends after years(more than 6 years) in Boston. After moving to US in last summer, I have been traveling a lot to catch up on my work, meeting with clients, meeting friends and ultimately experiencing a lot. I have been learning many things from this shift in my work from India. Sometime, I think that if I wouldn’t have gone there then my life wouldn’t have taken that turn or I might have ended doing something else(may be better or may be worse, but feel positive).

During my several trips, I have been asked questions like- “Who am I?  What made to come to this city? Are you a Tourist? Are you a Traveller?”. These similar type of questions confused me sometime but over the time I have learned what to answer the best way when this is asked to you. Most of the time, I was in dilemma to say tourist or traveller. I dug in to the definition of these to figured this out-  who actually am I?

These two words are really confusing and sometimes “people” use this as synonym.

To give a bit of definition,

Tourists – These are the people who visit the new place for a day or two mostly for  the pleasure purpose. This set of people don’t spend time to find great restaurants. Instead, They can be found searching for sight seeing place. Tourists are very casually dressed and always in a mood to take pictures of new things and sometime of themselves(selfie).

Travellers– These are the people who visit the new place for long term for pleasure and for experience purpose. The experience purpose might be any thing. It could be related to their work, catching with friends, understanding the local culture, to know more about the place. This set of people care about the where are they going for food, what type of people are they going to meet and how are they learning out of these meetings. These people are more in to looking for something kind of business when they visit the new place instead of just clicking pictures or finding new sight seeing spot.

Now, this is very clear to me- who am I. And, Yes, I am a traveller. I have been lucky that I have met(so far) nice and amazing people whenever I went out for networking or socializing. This keeps me motivating to go out and meet right mind like people again and again. I try to find local hangout place where I can talk with local folks to know more about the city. But some time, It is good to be a tourist when you don’t have enough to catch up and you’ll be wondering about the places to go. But It is always good to experience things.

Make the most of your travel comfortable and enjoyable. Happy Traveling folks.!!


Power your mobile games using Adobe Analytics

In this era of Smartphones, Everybody loves to play video games. If you are traveling to office in the morning or Even if you are getting bored due to jibber-jabber of your girl friend. Video games are real stress buster and a way to boost your morale whenever you feel down. No kidding though.I tried playing FIFA and  have beaten real madrid many times.!!


Most of the mobile games come free of  cost with restriction on playing levels and people choose to download free games. Most of the these games run ads to earn lot of money from the free version. Company like Zinga has invested alot to understand the behaviour of gamers. You can read this article about how Zinga has excelled on analysis of it’s gamer.

There are not so many mature analytics tools in the market using which you can track mobile games. Marketers have many options such as- Google analytics, flurry, Gamesanalytics, Mixpanel, Adobe Analytics etc. You can track virtually everything using few free tools. So, Why a game company should invest in paid analytics tools like- Adobe Analytics? That’s right. After reading this article, think twice before you chose your analytics tool to track your mobile games.

I am listing following key metrics related to mobile games on which a product manager should focus during planning phase-

  • Total Unique users of the game
  • Daily Unique users of the game
  • Repeat users of the game
  • Average session length per user
  • Average user acquisition cost
  • User experience rating
  • Return Frequency of the user
  • Revenue generation from the ads of the game

If you are keeping these above KPIs in your mind then you are almost ready to roll. Adobe analytics can power most of these KPI very peacefully without lot of customisation.These KPIs can be tracked by just plugging the AA SDK and some minor tweaks in the code.Marketers can run custom campaign by tracking “Time Since Last Use” value in AA to passive users of the app.

For marketers, It is key to let users play the mobile game. Some time, we get frustrated if we don’t clear few levels and we stop playing the game. At this point, marketer should run few In-app messaging campaign or Push Notification campaign to encourage users to play the game by providing some bounty or coupon code.

Adobe analytics provides easy way to track clicks on the ads using postback URL tracking. This help marketers to understand the ad performance. Marketers can get the data from appfigures and appflyers in to adobe analytics using simple integration wizard.

Marketers can change the experience of the mobile games using Adobe Target which comes with lot of features. Adobe also provides AMO to run your ads on mobile apps. So It is combine power of Adobe Analytics, Adobe Target and Adobe Media Optimiser.


Feel free to reach out to to know more about mobile games analytics using Adobe analytics and other available tools from adobe.

How are you?


One day, as usual, I was going to sit at lunch table with my office colleagues and then suddenly I heard, Hey! Hello! How are you? Oh. gosh.. It was no other than CTO of my company. Pretty surprised. And then, I gently replied, “Hello! I am good. How are you? “. And then conversation started.

I guess This is the easiest way to start any conversation with anybody. We meet hundreds of people daily and we hardly talk to them until any of them are very close to us.

There are several ways to greet people around us by saying simply- How are you? Generally, we meet folks who doesn’t work with us in the same team at places like- elevator, waiting for the line of the cafeteria, smoking area or sports room or any company-wide event or washroom (Do you remember when someone asked How are you? in the washroom).

We meet great people several ways and everyone has their own flavor to say- Hie.!! Let’s see how we say so.

The Betrayal manager-  You found your previous manager in the lift who gave you 2/5 rating in annual review a few months back and you left that team. I am sure that You would not say anything except- saying Hi.. (by lifting your eyebrows little up) and you pray to god that he goes off lift as soon as possible.


The Pretty HR –  Coincidently, You came for lunch little early and stood in the queue of cafeteria and Luckily, the Pretty HR was standing in front of you. I am sure, You couldn’t resist yourself to ask her- Hey, Hi, How are you?  and then the conversation wouldn’t finish until you guys took your food and went to take your respective seats. and when you meet that pretty lady again then the expression will be something like-


Smoking Zone Friend-  Those who smokes can only tell better than this because I don’t smoke. Most of the time, I gave company to my several colleagues in smoking zone. To be honest, Smoking zone is one the best places to make friends- “Your friend in the smoking zone is a friend indeed”. You meet your smoking friend by saying, “Hey Hie, may I have the light please? “. and he/she replies, “sure”. And then the conversation starts. That day wouldn’t be too far when you will ask that guy/girl- “what’s your plan for the evening, let’s go for drinks.”

Washroom Colleagues-   Oh.!! This is really awkward. When you were relaxing and you heard, “Hey man, how are you? Long time huh..!!”. Someone from your floor walked to the washroom and said those words to you until he started his own work in a washroom. You can’t raise your hands to reply and have to use your eyebrows and voice to move on from there.(There is no escaping). These people will meet only in washrooms.


Front Desk Staff- Do you remember the time when you said “Hello” to that pretty lady or young man sitting at Front Desk. If not, then next time try to say that you will really feel good in the morning. From the next day, that person will fill connected to you every morning you walk to the office. 🙂

“How are you?” Simple to answer this question but sometimes it is really difficult to answer honestly.

Hope this article finds you well and if you are reading this then don’t forget to comment- “How are you?”  If you have some unique style to say “Hi, How are you “then add your words in the comment box.

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How to use SiteCatalyst Plugins in Mobile App


These days, I am writing very often but not publishing those articles. Most of the articles are in the draft folder and i am trying to give finishing touch to all. Ideas and thoughts,for me, come instantly. Sometimes, even after spending hours on work, i have to say to myself- “this is not working” and i get up and take a break. Last week i got an email from one of my colleague from previous employer saying that Can we use sitecatalyst plugins in My Mobile App? I read it again and i replied yes, we can use few of them but not all them.

It is evident that Mobile app doesn’t support cookies so there must be some other workaround to do so. These workarounds are very close to the implementation of sitecatalyst plugins. Let’s take a look on few plugins which are very often in use-

1. getNewRepeat– This plugin is used to capture new vs. repeat visitor based on a cookie and you can set the expiry of that cookie in one of the parameter of this function. In your mobile app, launches are similar to sessions which is again closely related to visit. Developer can see “Launches” as a context data in a Network packet sniffer tool.


Assign a variable for New vs. Repeat visitor, and then write a processing rule having following condition-


set eVarX= propX=new;

else  set eVarX= propX=repeat;

You can use this eVar similar to the one in website and can be used for attribution and segmentation as well.

2. DaysSinceLastVisit-  This plugin is used to identify how often visitors visit my site on daily basis and very useful to understand the behaviour of return visitors. In your mobile app, When user launches the app for the 2nd time then there is a context data- “DaysSinceLastUse”. You can map this context data in to an eVar or Prop to capture that data. The data will be in numeric format.


For the first launch, you may need to set some custom value like “First use” so that you can easily differentiate between “Zero” and “First use”.

3. getTimeParting-  This is one of the most popular plugins among clients. They can create segments based on days/type of days/ hours etc. and can analyse the data more deeply. In mobile App, Adobe provides Two out of box context data-


“DayOfWeek” and “HourofDay”. You can capture these values and use classification rule builder to get more valuable report out of it.

Hope this is helpful for new mobile app analyst to get the right data from adobe analytics mobile services SDK. Feel free to reach out to me if you have any queries at

*Adobe Analytics logo is a copyright of Adobe Systems.

How to turn small talk into smart conversation

Tips from a comedian and a journalist on the art of going from small talk to big ideas — all summer long.

Imagine almost any situation where two or more people are gathered—a wedding reception, a job interview, two off-duty cops hanging out in a Jacuzzi.

What do these situations have in common? Almost all of them involve people trying to talk with each other. But in these very moments where a conversation would enhance an encounter, we often fall short. We can’t think of a thing to say.

Or worse, we do a passable job at talking. We stagger through our romantic, professional and social worlds with the goal merely of not crashing, never considering that we might soar. We go home sweaty and puffy, and eat birthday cake in the shower.

We stagger through our romantic, professional and social worlds with the goal merely of not crashing, never considering…

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11 Signs of an Entrepreneur

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Sign of an Entrepreneur

1. You Take Action

2. You are crafty and imaginative

3. You get in to hot water

4. You are fearless

5. You can’t sit still

6. You are malleable

7. You are motivated by challenges

8. You consider yourself an outsider

9. You recover quickly

10. You surround yourself with advisors

11. You work and play hard

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