Magic of Cart Abandonment in Digital Marketing


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For most of the people, online shopping is fun. But for marketers, it is really a serious business. Digital Marketers hate that people don’t place order after entering his/her details. But I got lucky today after doing form abandonment. 🙂  Yeah, it is true. I am not kidding. I knew what will be coming for me.

All sites track form abandonment these days but buyers don’t get to know about this until they start receiving emails, call from them. Today, I had to buy a watch so I went to an online site and selected my favorite watch. I entered all my details but just before payment page, I thought let’s check out some other watches. After 5 minutes, I got a call from customer care from that company that I forgot something in my cart.

But how should I justify my abandonment? I said that I was looking for discount and then customer care replied very generously that he will give 25% discount. After that I bought that product.If you are true buyer try to abandon your cart and see if anything good may come for you.

My point is- It is essential for online shopping website to track form abandonment. Customers can buy your products even if they will get 1% of discount.

It is very easy to track cart abandonment using  Web analytics tool like Google analytics, Adobe analytics and coremetrics.

For Google analytics, Define a funnel with all your pageName and capture important details in custom variables.

For Adobe Analytics, Define event variables on all the cart steps and capture user details in eVars. So, once user abandon his/her cart then set an event and eVars (user details/phone no.) to capture these details. You can get the details in report and push the report to support team to do follow up. If you are runing an automated process then i suggest to capture these details using Adobe analytics APIs to your databses.

Happy shopping guys and keep abandoning your cart to get more offers. But i tell you that you are not the smartest one sitting over there, a marketer can understand that – are you really a true buyer or are you doing this for some fun?

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How to get FB Profile Information using Image saved from FB ?


I know the topic for this post looks little different and weird but any ways this is small finding and also it may available on internet.
I had really good photo on my system which was saved way back in my college days so today looking at that picture  i was wondering to see the profile of that person. I will explain how to get profile url from image name.

Please follow these steps –
Suppose The image name saved on my system was(Obviously i am not going to give you that image name.. 😛 ) –
you can actually see this image at the location as follows –

Now when you save the image on your hard drive,
You can see there three numbers separated by underscore in the image name. copy the second number i.e. 10150762899939244

Now open a new tab and enter
this will lead to the FB pic directly and from there you can check the profile pic of the pic owner or the one who is in the pic. 🙂 🙂

Facebook has changed the image naming pattern since last 3 years as sometimes back it used to contain 4 to 5 numbers separtaed by underscore.
It used to add profile_id in number too.
Now happy looking at your old FB pics and finding who was that ..:))

Please let me know if it is useful for you.