F-1 : Tribute to Ayrton Senna

Smiling_AyrtonPhotocredit- sennamovie.com

Click the image above to view Complete Life Story of Ayrton senna in an Interactive Timeline.

An era of Formula-1 ended after Ayrton senna turned his william’s stearing at Tamburello corner on 1st May, 1994 during San marino Grand prix. It was an irreparable moment for Formula-1 fraternity.

I was 7 and that was 7th lap of San Marino Grand prix of 1994, when this happened. I would have no clue at that time even if i knew Formula-1 at that time. But, At 26, when i read about schumi’s skiing accident. I realized how it would be tough for a fan to loose such a real life Hero. After i started following F1, I thought watching future games will be great but i realized one day that i missed great drivers since then i watched so many drivers and other famous races and i came through a legend driver whose soul will remain in every Formula-1 fan.

According to Senna, “I believe in the power of concentration. You focus on something and you end up being able to get more out of it. I used this ability my whole life. I have always considered it a matter of improvement”. 

I tried to sketch moments of aryton senna in an intractive timeline on his remembrance day. Click here. 

I would like to pay tribute to one of the greatest drivers in F1 through this post. If you have any comments feel free to use comment box.


Faith of Kimi’s Fan !!

Kimi Raikkonen

Why do you love a Formula-1 driver ? and when do you feel that you actually miss him ?I started following ‘iceman’  from his first race at Mclaren and as it is well know proverb that “First impression is the last impression”. I still have the same impression about him. I missed him a lot when he left F-1 during 2010-11. During that time i just watched F1 and enjoyed the thrill.

At the end of 2011 season rumor started taking on toll that Kimi will join Formula-1 with new team and it was Lotus who got this privileged. During his absence a new champion emerged in F-1 who was gaining lots of love from new generation of formula-1 fan. Vettel, undisputed king of formula-1 has become double world champion and broke many records before kimi joined Lotus team. Kimi enjoyed amazing two years of sucess with Lotus team and now in 2013 he is moving back with Red-horse team. Let’s see how does journey of Kimi Raikkonen look like.
Click Here to view Interactive Timeline created by me on our favorite driver.