Innocence Sleep on the Road of Delhi

The night was tough for me to imagine when I was walking on the road at 1 am in Connaught place and saw a child who was sleeping on the seating like this.


It was breezy and little cold night due to rain in Delhi. I request to Delhi Government or all the public NGOs to take some responsibilities to provide shelter to these homeless kids. The government of AAP is not doing justice on what they have promised during the time of election.

Please share this picture to increase awareness toward these homeless kids and to help creating a better place to survive.

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Few Good Places to Eat In Delhi

I have never involved my self in reviewing the places to eat until I started using Zomato.I really like the idea of reviewing any place  because that make sense to others who want to go to that place. Especially if you are new to that place and don’t know where to go for hang out. Thanks Zomato. 🙂
Last couple of weeks, I was in Delhi on business trip and it was great trip to remember. Not only I closed all the open items from my laptop but also visited nice places to enjoy the food & music. Although, I stayed here for almost 3 years but that was different me who never knew that I could have explored many places in Delhi rather than sticking to a place in my neighborhood.
 Nevertheless, I visited some mouthwatering  place to eat and to hang out in Delhi this time and it was no surprise that I missed some of my friends too. It is always good to have friends close to you while having food. I still remember those college days when bunch of 15-20 friends sat together for lunch, dinner and breakfast for almost 4 years.
Week prior to the last week was not so busy at work because of summer shutdown at Adobe. And I was lucky that I had to work till 5 PM throughout the week and Happy evening to me!!
So, the week started with Indian Accent. The place is the only one from India to feature in Top 50 places to eat in South East Asia. This place deserves that accolades.. The ambiance was so calm and the tune of sitar was mesmerizing  the whole place.
 The hospitality was mind blowing at this place and taste of food was unique. I had fish and mutton dishes which tasted like never before. The ambiance of this place was very romantic and I definitely think to come back here again very soon.
The next destination was ITC Dum Pukht. This place has its own legacy and uniqueness.You will be treated as a Royal person from every staffs. The silver spoon-fork and plate will give you feeling of that royalty. The first thing I asked to one of the staffs who came to take my order was- what does “Dum pukht” mean? He replied very gently that “pukht” means cooking food in very low flame and “dum” means cooking the food in original way by keeping everything neat and clean. My excitement aggravated when Chef came out and came to our table to ask about food and undoubtedly it was priceless.
After that, I tried few other places as well during next couple of days(You can see the list below). One of the coolest places I visited was warehouse cafe. It was Saturday and I was not knowing that there would be Sufi music & live Band. The place has very good service and staff. The music was too desi so if you are looking for some Hollywood music then you should avoid this place because they play mostly Bollywood music.
If you get some time then visit these places in Delhi to enjoy great food and drinks at these places with your friends and family-
1. Indian Accent
2. ITC Bukhara
3. ITC Dum Pukht
4. WareHouse Cafe
5. Social
6. Downtown Cafe
7. Varq
 you can visit for more information about the above places or you can write your thoughts to