Super Frankie Lampard

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Watching Super Frankie in Blue jersey, since I started following Chelsea club, has always been a delight. I was in tears when Frankie scored against us during fall of the 2014-15 season. And It was no surprise for the world when he got a standing ovation from home supporter.  As I wrote my experience couple of years ago on Learnomics-

The famous No. 8 from England and one of the most successful midfielders of his generation has called out to hang up his boots yesterday. It was not happy moments for fans when he decided to leave the club in 2014 after Spending 13 years with Chelsea. Every time he scored, I celebrated like a crazy Chelsea fan and especially scoring against Barcelona in 2006  and Champions League match against Napoli in 2012. He always played it calmly on the field and was one of the most active players on the pitch during the game.

Lampard earned all the respect and trophies with Blues but has always been an underrated player in the world arena. His ability to play in midfield was amazing. He played in central position, attacking midfielder as well as a defensive midfielder. He and Drogba have been us so many moments to Chelsea fan that we would never forget. Even though he scored against Chelsea, I never thought of any bad thing about Frankie because he has given so many glorious moments to us that are unforgettable.

Watch the  Frank Lampard-

As he walks out of the pitch, I would be very happy to see him in the dressing room of Chelsea with young kids or with the senior team. All the best to Super Frank. More to Come here. Keep Reading.!!


Return of Mourinho’s Era in English Football


Ever Since Jose Mourinho left England during fall of 2006, there were so many people believed that he will come back to Chelsea someday and that moment came after 7 years when the “Special One” arrived at Stamford Bridge. Fans of Chelsea FC loved that moment and I was too excited to see the new Mourinho, a mature manager after spending 6 years in two different leagues and winning lot of trophies. I had the same faith on Mourinho again when he joined the team almost 9 years back.

His Last innings was special due to the trophies we won but lot of pundits said that it was the power of money due to which Chelsea was winning. I agree with them but partially. The reason is that the fact was the club needed an overhaul change of ownership, team and management were part of it. Chelsea FC went through lots of ups and down before Roman Abrahmovich bought the club and it took 9 years to become a profitable venture for him. It wasn’t just money but also the player who went and won the accolades and reached to a greater height. We have seen players like Michael Ballack, Crespo, Robben, Ashley Cole, William Gallas, Frank Lampard, Drogba, Malouda, Essien, Joe Cole, John Terry, Peter Cech and so many others who played with Chelsea’s crest on their Chest.

In my opinion 2014-15 season was one of perfect seasons for blues since Mourinho left the club. After having 2 years of trophy draught in his career, Mourinho needed some marquee signing to ensure we would never slip at the corner the way things went wrong last year. Cesc fabregas and Diago Costa were the perfect signing for blues and their combination created lot of opportunities and easy wins during first couple of months. We haven’t lost to our title rival and maintained at the top throughout the season.

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I think Loosing against PSG was the only low moments for the blues and wrapping up the title before 3 matches to go clearly shows the dominance of this Chelsea side in English football.

Watch all the Goals in Season 14-15 for chelsea:

I wish Mourinho and blues all the best in future and I would definitely like to visit the Stamford Bridge someday.!!

Money Game in English Football


Watching Football games during free time is really exciting these days for me.  Though, I haven’t played football much but rather watch a lot. So, I follow English premier league to understand the different aspects of football. Its very common these days in metro cities that youngsters are getting attracted toward not only watching football but also playing on the field. In India, still no body thinks football as a career seriously.  In European and  american countries, children are encouraged to take sports as a career and full fill their aspiration. Nevertheless, things are gradually changing in India too and hopefully  we will win right to organize Club world cup in 2020. This would be a really inspirational for football fans. In Football, Money is one of the biggest driving factor for youngster. Money flows like water in club football these days. Spending money has never been an issue for any top clubs. According to Deloitte Money league report 2012, Real Madrid F.C is the top club in terms of revenue.

If you look at the above graph, One thing which strikes easily in your mind that 5 English clubs list in top 10 and Manchester United leads the EPL while Spanish clubs occupied 1-2 spot.

I will be focusing more on English clubs rather than others. To understand, how they generate huge revenue, look at the chart below which will give you idea about this.(Data Source-Deloitte Money league report 2012 )


The total revenue for English Clubs, including all tier , has surpassed to 3 billion GBP  in 2012. 80% of this revenue is generated by top 20  English premier league teams.

In 2013, 669.4 Million GBP has been spent by Premier league clubs. Following graph presents distribution of this money for top 5 clubs.(Data Source-Deloitte Money league report 2012 )


Spurs spent most money to buy world class player by selling the world most costliest player, G Bale. But this didn’t work for them as their  lackluster performance  shown exit door to the full time manager ABV.  Wise spending could have put them in to good position but it didn’t work for them.

Spending of Manchester city have been  showing fruitful outcome  as Negrado and Fernandinho boosted Manchester city title challenge.

Manchester United  has became the biggest looser of all after spending 28.5 Million GBP to buy Fellaini from Everton. He is one of the biggest flop transfer of the season. At this point of time, The most important thing is to qualify for Next year champions league. Manchester United  stands at 7th in EPL standing, 8 points adrift of current leader arsenal. If Manchester United fails to join top four and don’t win champions league then it will hurt their Balance sheet. Manchester United has always been in top  3 after new version of English Premier league started almost 20 years back.

Let’s talk in details about what if Manchester United fails to qualify for next year Champions League. UEFA gives 7.3 millions GBP for qualifying for the group stages matches. A win in each group stage match gives every team extra 850,000 GBP while a draw can heavy team’s pocket by 425,000 GBP. During 2011-2012 season, Manchester united fails to qualify for knockout round but still received almost 35 Million GBP from UEFA as a part of wining group stages and media rights.

David Moyes would be under heavy pressure to ensure than Manchester United never ever fails to qualify for Champions league if that happens then that would be the greatest disaster to  Manchester United  in terms of revenue.

During last ten years, English Football have seen a great rise in standard and commercial value. Many world class players have expressed their willingness to play in EPL and it remains the highly competitive among all European league. The teams are strangulating each other to reach with in top 4. During this season, Only 5 Points separates top 5 teams in EPL which is not in case in any top league in the world. Just few days before, The show was so close that just 2 points separated top 5 teams. Looking at the intensity of each match, It seems EPL will go to the last day of season to get a clear winner.

Chelsea F.C is my favorite  club team. I try to watch each and every game of my team if i get time to do so. Chelsea is one of the most popular UEFA clubs in recent times. Based on UEFA coefficient, Chelsea stands at 4th position based on last 8 years results behind Real madrid, Barcelona and Bayern Munich. Though, Chelsea has been gone through many ups and down after José Mourinho quit the club in 2007. But team still managed to stands on its reputation among fans and critics both.

According to  Deloitte Money league report 2012, Chelsea had a debt of almost 900 million GBP which is the most among EPL teams. The huge revenue year after year has lowered down this much of huge debt on the club. As Chelsea is the second most successful clubs after Manchester United in terms of revenue for last ten years.

 There are few days remaining for starting of winter transfer window. Chelsea, Manchester United and Arsenal must be looking to get the best from this transfer window. Let’s hope things are too competitive as like these days in EPL which keeps players as well as fan intact. Hoping for the best about my club and keep watching this space for more information about English Premier League.