Life Beyond s_code for Sitecatalyst Consultant


I am sure title for this blog may sound bit odd for you but wait I am not going to tell you about my daily routine after I finish my day. For me, Title sounds apt for what I am going to explain.

To tell you the story behind this title, Last year, one of my colleague was totally pissed off with s_code and its complexity so he whispered that “There is no life beyond s_code”. Though, I got the actually meaning of what he meant but nevertheless I am putting this other way around for a consultant(hopefully, J ) and I would say, ’ Sitecatalyst consultant have many alternate choices but you just need to pick the best possible solutions  to be the best consultant’.

Now, let me come to the point, Life is becoming tough for sitecatalyst consultants with complex and tricky business requirements from clients. In my day-to-day consulting experience, I have faced several issues with s_code such as –

  1. s_code doesn’t load on time before sitecatalyst image request send to adobe server.
  2. Developer has missed to remove correct report suites name before s_code goes on to production.
  3. Marketing team can’t wait to track new campaign for Black Friday but IT release doesn’t allow them to do so.
  4. Managing several s_code for many sub domains is a big headache and a single code error results in huge data loss.

It is really frustrating in daily analytics activities when sitecatalyst consultant struggles with s_code.js file when some tags do not get set the way they want. To deal with such issues adobe analytics really have something beyond s_code file. App measurement.js (Light js) and Dynamic Tag Management are in demand solutions from adobe which may resolve several complexity and dependencies for clients.

App measurement.js is not a new offering from adobe but it has quite a while in use. This js file is very light and loads much faster than s_code.js file and will reduce your sleepless nights. It offers same flexibility as s_code and works well with almost all sitecatalyst plugins (different version). So, I think you should try using appmeasurement.js file next time rather than going for s_code file. App Measurement has ability to support Visitor ID services and Heartbeat video integration

Tag management solution is also not new in the market. There are so many tag management solution such as Ensighten, Teliuem, Google Tag manager etc. which helps client to remove dependencies from IT release and unavailability of core development team.

Dynamic Tag Management aka DTM is a recent delight in adobe’s Digital Marketing suite from Search Discovery. DTM is a very powerful tool to keep your implementation intact without touching your application code enough.

You can implement more than one web analytics solution using it. Several benefits of having DTM on the table are-

  1. Change your codes whenever you want.
  2. Launch and track any marketing campaign during any time of the year.
  3. No scope of JavaScript error (Compiles JS script on the fly).

DTM comes free with standard sitecatalyst contract can be used with google analytics as well.

I hope you have now better idea to make a good choice before you start adobe analytics implementation.

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Digital Marketing Guide for a Small Business

Digital Marketing

I have been working on Digital Marketing space since more than 3 years. I started as an e-Commerce developer and then moved in to this agglomerated space of internet. This looks really cool if you have money and you are spending the dollars wisely. Use of internet has brought so many reforms in Digital Marketing during last 5 years. Marketer couldn’t even think of this drastic shift of Marketing Channels.

As a Digital marketer, I would like to sum up few important key points to Small Business who are still looking to build up a reputation among their clients.

“It Takes 20 Years to build a reputation
and five minutes to ruin it. If you think
about that, you’ll do things differently.”- Warren Buffet

Yeah,!! It is very important to do something different of what your competitors are doing. As a new Small Business company you should think on few things before you jump in –

1. Who is your Potential Customer ?

2. Are you Confident about selling your product & services ?

3. Selecting Right Digital marketer but not that cheap on cost

4. Define your clear small term strategies

5.  Publish faithful clients testimonials

6.  Don’t do just business, Do your part to drive the field in which you want to get established

Now, Lets come back to Digital marketing. Digital marketing of your business can make you rich with in a week but also make you even poor within a day. The growing number of forums and social networking has given consumers freedom to express their views on the services offered to them. Therefore, I suggest you to keep your eyes on what customers are talking about your product and services.

To start a Digital Marketing Strategy,  First thing you should have that is your web presence in the form of a website with good consumer experience.  Second, Go on to implement  a web analytic solution on your website. Understanding, the web data behavior is first step toward thinking of any Digital Marketing Strategy.

There are several web analytic solutions like- Google analytic, Site catalyst, IBM Digital Analytic , webtrends, pWik etc. Based on your budget and requirement, deploy any of these web analytic solution on your website.

Now, Third step- Use SEO, SEM, Social Media (Facebook, twitter, Linkedin etc), Forums , Banner ads etc.  to advertise your product or services online. You need to be very cautious on selling your product and services on social media platform. Understand the potential clients and reach them based on web data analysis using several channels like Email , customer care and also by sending sales team to them.

For initial Pick up, Starting an affiliate program is not a bad idea but be aware about how you want to run this program. Spending money wisely at this step of strategy is very crucial.

Keep revising your plan once in a quarter based on Web data analysis with your Digital Marketing Officer. Taking these steps will help your business going forward. In this way, you can rip off the potential of Digital Marketing.

Now, I am wrapping this article. So if you have any questions and thought on this article, you are welcomed to comment. Have a happy Marketing..!! 🙂

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