How Deep is Your DC Metro Station?

I moved to United states in summer of 2016 and it has been roller coaster ride since then. I was lucky to move here during summers. The temperature was pretty same as Bangalore so I didn’t feel the change in terms of weather. The biggest change for me at this new place was transportation. I had no plans to buy a car initially and to use public transport or Uber for commuting.It is good to save money & time by using public transportation after all you are paying so much tax.

If you have traveled by Metro to DC and haven’t noticed the escalator then you might have missed a spectacular view. DC’s Metro is the second busiest Public transportation system in the USA after Newyork’s Subway. These Escalators are the beauty of DC Metro. [You may say some bad words about it and wmata won’t mind it]. 

Coming back to the point, I was at Dupont Circle Station and was going up from escalator. See the picture below- 20161029_221307

It is scary. Isn’t it? It took close to 1 minutes to reach the ground from the station. I didn’t realize the length of it when I stepped in but when I turned back to see from the top then I felt OMG..”Is it the longest escalator, I have ever stepped in”. I remember back in India, Kashmiri Gate has one of the longest Metro Escalator. A few months back an incident reported about how 3 people got injured on the escalator. 

The length of the escalator at Dupont Circle is 188 Ft. For a moment, I thought is this the longest escalator? The answer is NO. Washington Metro is famous for lengthy escalator especially Red Line. The WMATA is famous for the Longest Metro Station escalator in Western Hemisphere.

Could you guess which station is this? The station is close to 100ft below the street. WOW.!! It takes close to 1.5 mins to finish the escalator ride. I took the below image when I was getting on a train from Rosslyn Station. img_7182

The Wheaton station has the longest escalator in the western hemisphere. Its length is around 70m and could probably take 2 and half Minutes to finish the ride without walking. However, The longest escalator is close to double the length of Wheaton station. It is in Saint Petersberg.

World top 10 lengthiest stations are- 

Saint Petersberg- 449 ft-[3 stations]

Part Pobedy- 416 ft

Tbilisi Metro-394 ft


Náměstí Míru- 285 ft

Wheaton- 230 feet

Stockholm metro- 220 ft

Bethesda- 212 feet

So Next time when you get into these long escalators then keep calm and enjoy the ride.!!


Create Change- Skill Development workshop to Kids of Samarthanam Trust


While working at Adobe, It was great experience last year to help some of the kids from Samarthanam Trust. So far, I have really enjoyed working with corporate social responsibility team to give back in our society. Taking out 2 hours of your time in a week was not a big deal when you are single. It is true. We waste more than that without any cause. Adobe has a great CSR team who is helping our society in terms of education and skills development.

During Last summer, we got some time to provide some skill development workshop to kids from middle school. The kids were supported by Samarthanam Trust.

These kids were having great idea and skills and unfolded potential to do something unique in their. Guiding them at this point would motivate them while studying to go for great career path in future.

Feel free to write me on if you are interested in any change in your society.

Chhath Puja – A festival dedicated to Sun

Courtesy: Bihar Tourism

When I watched this video 2 years ago, My eyes were in tears.Let me admit this, I played this ad so many times that I felt so bad that I couldn’t go to my home due to my work. Now, I realize that life can’t be more important than the emotions, togetherness, love and family. It was my mother’s first chhath. My garndmother(we used to call “mama”) was getting old and my mother took a step to do it even though she was not so well. One of my friends brought the prasad for me and it was so sweet. I have so many fond memories of chhath puja with my family.  I have never been so attach to something in my life than few things and one of those are Chhath puja. But during recent years, I haven’t got many chances to celebrate this with my family which I miss a lot.

What does Chhath mean? 

To tell you about Chhath, The word chhath means “sixth” and it derives from sanskrit. It is celebrated on 6th Day of Kartika Month of Hindu Calender. Chhath Puja is considered one of the oldest festival from vedic hindu religion.

Chhath is a festival which is dedicated to Mother Nature and is celebrated with purity and cleanliness.

What is historical Significance behind Chhath?

This festival finds it root in Rigveda, one of the vedas where rishis of yore used this method to remain without any external intake of food as they were able to obtain energy directly from the sun’s rays. This was done through the Chhath method.

One of the most historical significance of why Hindu celebrate Chhath puja right after Diwali (exactly after 4 days)  because When Ram and Sita came back to Ayodhya after 14 years of exile then they kept fast and offered puja to God Sun during shukla paksha of Kartika month. From that time, Chhath puja is integral festival in culture of Hindu who lives around Bihar, Uttarpradesh and Nepal.

We worship God sun but why do we say Chhathi Mayya? (source- wiki)

The Goddess who is worshipped during the famous Chhath Puja is known as Chhathi Maiya. Chhathi Maiya is known as Usha in the Vedas. She is believed to be the beloved younger wife of Surya, the sun god. Usha and Pratyusha are wives of Surya and Aditi is his mother.

Usha is the term used to refer to dawn– The first light of day. But in the Rig Veda she has more symbolic meaning. Symbolically Usha is the dawn of divine consciousness in the individual aspirant. It is said – Ushaand Pratyusha, wives of Sun are the main source of Sun. Both Usha and Pratyusha are worshiped along with Sun in chhath parva. Usha (literally-the first morning sun-ray) is worshipped on the last day and Pratyusha(the last sun-ray of day) is worshipped in the evening by offering water or milk to the rising and setting sun respectively. This is the only parva which signifies rising sun as well as setting sun both.

What do we pray for in chhath puja?

The Chhath Puja is performed in order to thank God Sun for sustaining life on earth and to request the granting of certain wishes.The Sun, considered as the god of energy and of the life-force, is worshiped during the Chhath festival to promote well-being, prosperity and progress. In Hinduism, Sun worship is believed to help cure a variety of diseases, including leprosy, and helps ensure the longevity and prosperity of family members, friends, and elders.

Why do children/kid love chhath puja very much?

We used to get lot of things to eat. Specially, Pakwaan(thekuaa) and Rice pudding(Gud ka kheer). I used to eat lot of Ghaghar, Sugarcane and dry fruits. Most of the family members would be at home so we used to play with each other- cricket.We used to burn our leftover crackers during chhath puja dusra aragh and pahla aragh.

You can listen this song which shows how badly a bihari guy misses chhath festival when mother can’t do chhath puja. Yes, I miss it too. 😦

[This post is dedicated to my Grand Parents whom I lost this year. I miss you a lot].

BrownPacket – Delivering healthcare products in 60 Mins.

BrownPacket Splash Screen

Medicine and Healthcare is one of the most profitable businesses in India right now. Everyone needs health services and as quickly as possible.  Before this venture was  started, a small online and offline survey was conducted, where questions related to difficulties in getting medicines from pharmacy stores and time to deliver those medicines were being asked. The reviews were not satisfactory.

Based on the reviews, major challenges faced by  customers are:

1. Consumers don’t get all the medicines at one store. They need to go to multiple stores for all the prescription medicines.

2. Consumers are concerned about getting right medicines that mean they don’t agree on substitute medicines. This makes the job of pharmacist more difficult.

3. Consumers expect  to get the medicines as soon as possible. They order non-prescription medicines whenever it is required.

BrownPacket is aiming to resolve these challenges faced by the customer and hence a specialized. We  have tied up with pharmacy stores before hitting the consumer platform. Currently, BrownPacket is serving in Koramangala, HSR Layout and BTM layout using two delivery partners. BrownPacket has 24 hours delivery service as well  with 10% additional discount.

Another main objective of BrownPacket is not to let go our local pharmacies and giving a helping hand to grow their business . There are more than one lakhs of such stores in India. The online medicine stores are hitting their “big dream” margin. Hence, It is important to save these  jobs for next few years so that we can create a good infrastructure to cater consumers daily need. People still trust these pharmacies stores when it comes to health.

BrownPacket is easy to use. Anyone Who is over 12 years of age can access the app from Google Play store and order medicines for themselves or on behalf of their family members. The user needs to scan the prescription under specific instructions.

Our support team may call the consumer to confirm or validate the prescription or any side effect of the medicines to be delivered. This helps to reduce any kind of customer dis-satisfaction. We provide good discounts on most of the medicines and health products. Visit our website- for detail about the offers.

Download our App from Google Store Now. 

Am I traveller OR Tourist ?


Image Credit: EcoTravel 

I am writing this post on a moving train with a brownie on my side which I picked up from a local cafe while I was meeting one of my old friends after years(more than 6 years) in Boston. After moving to US in last summer, I have been traveling a lot to catch up on my work, meeting with clients, meeting friends and ultimately experiencing a lot. I have been learning many things from this shift in my work from India. Sometime, I think that if I wouldn’t have gone there then my life wouldn’t have taken that turn or I might have ended doing something else(may be better or may be worse, but feel positive).

During my several trips, I have been asked questions like- “Who am I?  What made to come to this city? Are you a Tourist? Are you a Traveller?”. These similar type of questions confused me sometime but over the time I have learned what to answer the best way when this is asked to you. Most of the time, I was in dilemma to say tourist or traveller. I dug in to the definition of these to figured this out-  who actually am I?

These two words are really confusing and sometimes “people” use this as synonym.

To give a bit of definition,

Tourists – These are the people who visit the new place for a day or two mostly for  the pleasure purpose. This set of people don’t spend time to find great restaurants. Instead, They can be found searching for sight seeing place. Tourists are very casually dressed and always in a mood to take pictures of new things and sometime of themselves(selfie).

Travellers– These are the people who visit the new place for long term for pleasure and for experience purpose. The experience purpose might be any thing. It could be related to their work, catching with friends, understanding the local culture, to know more about the place. This set of people care about the where are they going for food, what type of people are they going to meet and how are they learning out of these meetings. These people are more in to looking for something kind of business when they visit the new place instead of just clicking pictures or finding new sight seeing spot.

Now, this is very clear to me- who am I. And, Yes, I am a traveller. I have been lucky that I have met(so far) nice and amazing people whenever I went out for networking or socializing. This keeps me motivating to go out and meet right mind like people again and again. I try to find local hangout place where I can talk with local folks to know more about the city. But some time, It is good to be a tourist when you don’t have enough to catch up and you’ll be wondering about the places to go. But It is always good to experience things.

Make the most of your travel comfortable and enjoyable. Happy Traveling folks.!!

Let DTM listens your JSON responses!!

jsonIt is more than over an year ago when I used to work for a retail client and my job was to create robust data layer for analytics on W3C standard while considering the ease of development. It was really getting tedious to give instruction to their development team to pull the response and then pass the key-value pair in our data layer on the page. It was a heck of task to complete all the variables. Now, I wonder what if we could have wisely used the tag management system (at most of the places) at that time to build our data elements.

In the web development, It is very common to read the response from the server and most of the UI developers read these response to show some beautiful messages and creatives on client side. As an analytics consultant, I have seen many times consultant suggesting client to add a direct call rule on call back function. Most of the developers hate analytics folks and I mean it. They literally say why are “you” making my job tough? This is just a sneak pick of the hustle.

Coming to the point, My idea here is to use the JSON response which comes through and use our basic coding skills to capture the response in DTM data elements.

For example- I have an API which gives me a response code 200 OK after successful Sign In along with User information data.

Dummy API url-

AND Successful JSON response as-

{ “login”:  [{     “response code” : “200”,     “profileid” : “6545455”,      “region” :  “bihar” }]}

Using 3rd part Non-sequential script, we can capture the profile details and pass in to data element.

jQuery(document).ajaxComplete(function(event ,xhr, settings){
if(settings.url.indexOf(‘account/signin’)> -1){
var profile = xhr.responseJSON;
if(profile) { _satellite.setVar(“xyz”, profile.profileid)

The above code will get you the profileid in a data element. Now, You can use this data element across all the platform- Adobe Target, Adobe audience manager etc.

The other use case to capture the JSON response is to fire the page load rule. You can write some custom code.

Hope this is helpful for all folks. Feel free to add your thoughts/comments here.


Medicare Apps – B2B

The Fourth Estate

India ranks as the second most populated country in the world after China. Like population, India has become the hub of many startups. Germany ranks number one in the growth of startups. There are numerous B2B startups across India that helps an individual to achieve its goal every year. One of the unique and fast growing startups in this country is the Drug Industry. Individuals or groups of entrepreneurs are coming up with a unique idea of delivering a solution to health problems with just a click.

Here are the fastest-growing B2B startups in the Medi-care Apps that has business thrive in 2016.

  • 1mg – Save on Medicine/LabTests: 1mg is the best and complete health solution app one can have in their phone. Rated with 5 stars and recognized by Government of 1mg-logo-largeIndia – Ministry of Health and Family Welfare as, m – health initiative that consumers can use. It is…

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