Gives Back



How much are you giving back to your society ? Do you  think that  its really tough? If you are looking for volunteering opportunities Please fill the form. click here.

Hailing from a small village of Bihar, Tineri, I have seen many smart, intelligent and hard working kids who have not been able to complete their studies due to lack of proper education system or poverty.  These kids generally grow up and do all the labor work and meticulous job to earn their share of meals. Don’t you think they have right to get proper education ? In India, where Government has several projects to educate people but they have never ever tried to think why such projects are failing again and again. Those meal deprived population of our country prefer to earn some meals rather than sending their kids to schools and therefore very few of them understand the need of education. This leads to many general issues like Population rise, increase in unemployment and less per capita income etc.

Every kids who are deprived of basic education in their life. So, after joining my company I connected with CSR team and tried to help those kids. It is very important to understand about these kids, like –

1. What circumstances lead them to discontinue their studies ?

2. What are the difficulties faced  by them while studying ?

3. How mentally you can prepare them to realize their dreams ?



I request all of you to gives back to your society and try to build a society where everyone will be educated and self dependent.If you are interested in volunteering opportunities. Please fill this form.


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