2014 Rules Changes

Few days are remaining before a brand new  season of Formula-1 will kick off. 2014 season has been termed by several experts and F1 avid fans as a complete different Motor sports experience. So far, It looks like because teams were struggling to complete their testing laps in Jarez & Bahrain.This is going to be very interesting.  But i am very much disappointed that there will be no Indian Grand Prix this year. I hope next year it will resume as usual.

For Now, Forgot about these things and let’s have a look of all new car from 11 teams who would be competing for championship.

Picture credit- Getty Images

Engine & its Power–  1.6-litre  V6 turbo engines will be used in 2014. This new engine will generate 150bhp less power than V8 engines but this power will be some what compensated by 2 additional power from Energy Recovery System(ERS-K & ERS-H). These extra boost will have power up to 160bhp.


Renault-2014 Engine

More power demand from the engine has also increased cooling demands hence sidepods will be little wider in F1 car of 2014.

Gearbox Changes  – FIA has introduced EIGHT-SPEED, Fixed ratio gearboxes.


In 2013, Team had to select 30 gear ratios ahead of the season and had choice of using any of those 7 at a Grand Prix.

In 2014, There would be one extra gear but these 8 gears need to be selected before the first race of the season and then same ratio have to be used at all the tracks. Now, team are allowed to change the ratio only once after that penalties will be applicable.

Fuel Rule Change – FIA has came up with this fuel efficiency concept which will help Formula-1 not only but also other motor racing events. Fro 2014, The fuel usage has been restricted to 100kg untill last year it was unlimited. But the cars in 2013 took almost 150kg of fuels to complete the race. Now drivers and engineers need to focus on fuel save strategy to win the battle.

Minimum weight  Change – On formula-1 Car , Every gram has performance effect and that worries a lot to every team engineers. To compensate for the increased weight of the 2014 power units  minimum weight has been increased from the current 642kg to 690kg.

Exhaust –  The 2014 regulations mandate the use of a single tailpipe which must be angled upwards to prevent the exhaust flow being used for aerodynamic effect.

Nose height – For safety reasons the height of noses has been reduced for 2014. The maximum height is 185mm (previously it was 550mm).

Front wing – front wings will be a little narrower from 2014 with the width reduced from 1800mm to 1650mm.

Rear wing – the rear wing also looks a little different for 2014. The previously-legal lower beam wing has been outlawed and the main flap has become slightly shallower in profile. Support pillars, however, are allowed. The DRS slot is also bigger than in 2013.

Double Points Rule  – Double drivers’ and constructors’ points will be awarded at the final race of the Formula One season – Abu Dhabi for 2014 – in order to maximize focus on the championship until the end of the campaign.

Driver numbers – Drivers will be asked to choose their race number, between 2 and 99, for the duration of their career in the FIA Formula One World Championship. Number 1 will be reserved for the current world champion, should he choose to use it. If more than one driver chooses the same number, priority will be given to the driver who finished highest in the previous year’s championship. The driver number must be clearly visible on the front of the car and on the driver’s crash helmet.

Additional Friday practice drivers – we are used to seeing teams replace one of their race drivers with a test driver for opening practice on a Friday. However, from 2014 teams are able to run up to four drivers – though still only two cars – in either Friday session.

New penalties – Race stewards will have the option to hand out five-second penalties for minor infringements. Additionally, any driver who earns 12 penalty points on their superlicence during a 12-month period will be given a one-race ban.

Pole position trophy – A new trophy can be added by a driver in their Trophy cabinet. Formula-1 management team has introduced a new trophy to the driver who will have the highest pole position through out the season.

Note- The rule changes information has been taken from Formula1.com.


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