I have been following Formula-1 racing for almost half of my age till now. Still, the feeling of watching F1 cars does remain the same. Though i don’t get time to watch all the races these days but i try to connect with it if there is any race happening. I was part of all series of Indian Grand Prix that happened at Buddha International Circuit.

When i was a kid, I tried to follow the thrill and  speed of the race. And enjoyed watching Schumi in all the races. Later, Alonso won the heart and Kimi still remains one of my favorite  after schumi. But as i have grown, I try to understand the sports in deep and moreover  to understand why F1 is so fast ? How F1 cars run fast ?

So, what is the story behind my passion of Formula-1 ? And, yes .. There is certainly a story. When we(myself and my brothers) were around 10-15 years old, We use to watch “Sportscenter” on espn which presented news about Crickets and other sports. Other sports include football, tennis, Formula-1 etc. So, That’s how listening about news of F1 created “zzzzzz” sounds in my mind and then on Sunday evening(as most of the race of Formula-1 starts at 5:30pm ), i started watching F1 race. My father also used to watch it in the evening and i still watch it. Though sometime, i was not allowed to watch it because of my study and other reasons.

Above all, My understanding of Formula-1 has evolved and still in evolution phase. I try to learn about technology being used in formula-1.

And that’s how My passion is growing day by day. I have a dream to drive a F1 car on track(I don’t know how much money i need to spend for this.. 🙂 ). But above all, I would love to work with a Formula-1 team as a Data Analyst. Hopefully, It may become true in future.



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