Lampard Returns against the blues

It was a bit difficult game for both of the teams on the last weekend. Especially, Manchester city who were trailing 5 points over the blues. I settled myself at my friend’s place to watch this big game. Before this game started, while switching between channels on TV, I did get some time to watch Manchester United’s match and I, seriously(I am not kidding), could have beaten this united team in FIFA video game playing with world class level. I am sure all my friends who support Manchester united will never mind as they should agree on the fact that Manchester United played one of the worst game of the season.

Ok.So, the game started and Chelsea started defending attacks from Manchester city. City was keep pushing toward Chelsea’s half all the time with more than 70% of possessions with in 20 mins and 3 corners. But blue’s rock solid defense did very well. When second half started, we started getting good possessions and made some good chances. City went down to 10 men when zabaleta was shown red card to foul against costa and we didn’t waste time to take lead by fabulous display of pass among costa, hazard and then schurlle.

I was thinking that we will win it easily because we were now more defensive rather than attacking (costa did miss once during this tough time). Meanwhile, I was cooking pulav and heard from commentator that frank Lampard has been substituted then suddenly I came in front of TV to watch the reception. It was grand. It was warm. Indeed, a well-deserved reception for our remarkable Number 8 in the History. It was bit odd to see one of the players to play against the team you love and the played you loved. Yeah, I never had such moments. While watching cricket, I don’t think it will matter that for which team Sachin will play, it’s like I will support Sachin whichever team he will join. But, i tell you what, football is not that simple. It is crazy game and its passion.

So, the moment was not far which i couldn’t have dreamt. Lamps scored against us with superb flick and nobody can believe this. It was very emotional. I can’t express anything about the moment he scored. I would say just let it go. Lamps is a great player and we all love him but can’t hate him just a goal against us. He has given more than just a goal. Lamps will be remarkable always.

Watch  the Lampard Reaction after the match-


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