Super Frankie Lampard

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Watching Super Frankie in Blue jersey, since I started following Chelsea club, has always been a delight. I was in tears when Frankie scored against us during fall of the 2014-15 season. And It was no surprise for the world when he got a standing ovation from home supporter.  As I wrote my experience couple of years ago on Learnomics-

The famous No. 8 from England and one of the most successful midfielders of his generation has called out to hang up his boots yesterday. It was not happy moments for fans when he decided to leave the club in 2014 after Spending 13 years with Chelsea. Every time he scored, I celebrated like a crazy Chelsea fan and especially scoring against Barcelona in 2006  and Champions League match against Napoli in 2012. He always played it calmly on the field and was one of the most active players on the pitch during the game.

Lampard earned all the respect and trophies with Blues but has always been an underrated player in the world arena. His ability to play in midfield was amazing. He played in central position, attacking midfielder as well as a defensive midfielder. He and Drogba have been us so many moments to Chelsea fan that we would never forget. Even though he scored against Chelsea, I never thought of any bad thing about Frankie because he has given so many glorious moments to us that are unforgettable.

Watch the  Frank Lampard-

As he walks out of the pitch, I would be very happy to see him in the dressing room of Chelsea with young kids or with the senior team. All the best to Super Frank. More to Come here. Keep Reading.!!


Importance of Reciprocity in Human behavior

Happy New folks.!! 2017 has kicked off in a really great way for me till now and hoping that well wishes and good work will always repay.

One of the biggest things, I have learned in first 15 days of 2017 (I would say, in the last couple of days) to understand the meaning of “Reciprocity”. I know that it is a big word but it was unknown to me until I heard it from someone.

“Dude, I am not reciprocative”, one of my friends said and my immediate reaction was ””aah, what did you say?”. The reply came after a silence of 3 seconds. “Forget it, I don’t want to talk about it”. To be honest, I didn’t know the deep meaning of this word and I had to say “ok, fine”.

But, Out of curiosity I researched about the word and How does it relate to our behavior. Really? Does that sound too hard and tough? Yes. It is correct. We may not realize the consequences before we use such heavy word in the conversation but it is our sense of understanding and moreover, our maturity level which need to be looked at.

I knew the meaning of word “reciprocal” because when we were a kid, we studied reciprocal of 8 is 1/8. Funny.. Huu… So, that’s how I was thinking to understand before looking into many psychology blogs and books. So, This blog is based on that research which is making me more comfortable to interact with people around me.

What is reciprocity?

In a simple word, Reciprocity is the simple word which means that people should repay in kind what another person has provided for them. That means people try to give back the kind of treatment they receive from another.

Who are reciprocative people?

The people who believe in the theory of reciprocity. Nobody in this world can survive without this. So, saying that I am not reciprocative is not always true. It could be reciprocative from your other aspects of mutual exchange but not always correctly.

Importance of Reciprocity

Reciprocity is not only a strong determining factor of human behavior; it is a powerful method for gaining one’s compliance with a request. The rule of reciprocity has the power to trigger feelings of indebtedness even when faced with an uninvited favor and irrespective of liking the person who executed the favor.

It is very important to build reciprocity in a relationship whether it is a friendship or life partner. Based on different psychological posts, people are very afraid to talk about it.

Building a reciprocity between a new relationship or a growing relationship is very different from the one who is committed. People often make mistakes in understanding their colleague, partners or friends.I am writing here as a growing relationship and a new relationship.

In a new/growing relationship, reciprocity needs to be handled very carefully. because this could be the building blocks of it and if this gets developed then you would probably reach the next steps of the relationship. I would definitely assume reciprocity in my new relationship because this would make thing clear and give an idea to know people around me. A non-reciprocative person usually hates taking about sharing things in an equal manner, jumping in for more than expected help and moreover reacting with people as per the situation. Negative reciprocity also occurs whenever there would be a bad effect of it.

Being Reciprocative is good(Most of the time)

When two people decide to develop a healthy, interdependent, reciprocal relationship, it is wise for them to take the time to talk about their personal value system and what characteristics they believe in creating a healthy relationship. The best way to deal with such(reply to my friend’s question) scenario is to go with the possible best solution. Saying, that I am not reciprocative would never help anybody. This would always bring friction in the relationship.Also, Talking more in detail and sharing the idea would be helpful to both people.


Reciprocity was a cornerstone of human development and also a healthy relationship. Hence when someone is saying that I am not a reciprocative would never help to build a relationship.

False Flags, by Massive Attack

Verses Inked ©

new-dark-age New Dark Age, by Nikola Jankovic

We going way back to 2009, Febuary when this track hits the box office. Regular resounding chords, more overlapping, like ringing of echoes, crosfeeding  the silence, which otherwise would have all been the verses, an honest bargain, verses resplendent as the spring itself. Warm sun and beer, somehow managed to.avoid the grease stains, camouflaged under self assumed glamour, like life is a monkey chasing business, for the ace at shooting the sling.

There is perhaps even an uptempo, bass heavy version to the song, gratefully justifying the depth that is contained in the lyrics, which by all means, in no small measure manifest the title. False flags. The way perhaps even nature demonstrates itself. The calm before the storm. The harvest after the drought, like an enduring autumn, like the grease stains in spring. The way it was always,  strike, spark and you know…

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Fan Story of Blues- Chelsea FC


What a great 14 years of memory with Chelsea FC so far in my Life.!!
I have never thought of following something like this in my life so passionately. I have been following Chelsea FC since 2002(I was in the 9th class that year). That means, almost half of my life. I would have never imagined how a small habit of mine could bring a lot of learning and passion about a game. Most of the folks from my age who started watching or playing football were the fan of Manchester United, Liverpool or Arsenal.

So,why did I chose Chelsea FC then? Well, there are a couple of reason to like this club when I was a kid. Primary reason for getting inclined toward the club football may sound really funny to everyone. But It was really a kind of memory from my childhood that I may not forget for forever. Our father used to come home from work around 7pm and 8pm and It was an opportunity for us(me and brothers) to drink tea again in the evening and watch TV. So, It was kind of break from study for an hour during which We(Myself,father, and Bhai) used to watch SportCenter on ESPN at 8pm almost daily. The reason because most of the other news channel used to present things in a really fancy way but SC would make it more analytical and interesting. On this program, Football news was the second most popular sport after cricket. So, Once we finished watching the cricket news then out of curiosity I started watching football news also. I used to flip channels very fast to go through that.Yeah, That’s how interests in club football grew in me. And then, I started watching football on Saturday/Sunday evening. My father sometimes used to watch the game of Manchester United because of Beckham and that’s why I started following EPL.

Now, The question is Why Only Chelsea? I really liked some of the players from England like John Terry and Frank Lampard(he joined in 2001). and was not so popular and I watched the game in which Chelsea beat Man UTD. I needed to pick my club but really didn’t know any history about Manchester United, Liverpool or arsenal. I just knew that Arsenal had Arsene Wenger and Manchester United had Alex Ferguson as their manager.
I became the fan of Chelsea club after that game and I thought of let’s just follow the game and started watching some of their game during the weekend. Since then, The passion has developed and it has grown higher and going always high.

Ever since the club was bought by Russian Billionaire, we have really enjoyed the success. The popularity of Chelsea FC has increased across the globe and
I am sure the club will always invest in the favor of fans and football.

Random Art pieces in Washington D.C

Ever since I moved to D.C(not exactly D.C but yeah close to it), I liked going out and looking around some of the oldest buildings in the Capitol. There have been so many great places to go in D.C. So far, I have been lucky to go out and explore this place with my friends.

D.C. is famous for historical buildings, galleries, museums, diversify restaurants, politics, Crime and Cherry Blossom. As a traveler, I have enjoyed most of the part of D.C and have taken some pictures from roads. These images are of Random ART. These images are not necessarily in museums but have been showcased on the side of the roads.

Take a look at these random arts-

How Deep is Your DC Metro Station?

I moved to United states in summer of 2016 and it has been roller coaster ride since then. I was lucky to move here during summers. The temperature was pretty same as Bangalore so I didn’t feel the change in terms of weather. The biggest change for me at this new place was transportation. I had no plans to buy a car initially and to use public transport or Uber for commuting.It is good to save money & time by using public transportation after all you are paying so much tax.

If you have traveled by Metro to DC and haven’t noticed the escalator then you might have missed a spectacular view. DC’s Metro is the second busiest Public transportation system in the USA after Newyork’s Subway. These Escalators are the beauty of DC Metro. [You may say some bad words about it and wmata won’t mind it]. 

Coming back to the point, I was at Dupont Circle Station and was going up from escalator. See the picture below- 20161029_221307

It is scary. Isn’t it? It took close to 1 minutes to reach the ground from the station. I didn’t realize the length of it when I stepped in but when I turned back to see from the top then I felt OMG..”Is it the longest escalator, I have ever stepped in”. I remember back in India, Kashmiri Gate has one of the longest Metro Escalator. A few months back an incident reported about how 3 people got injured on the escalator. 

The length of the escalator at Dupont Circle is 188 Ft. For a moment, I thought is this the longest escalator? The answer is NO. Washington Metro is famous for lengthy escalator especially Red Line. The WMATA is famous for the Longest Metro Station escalator in Western Hemisphere.

Could you guess which station is this? The station is close to 100ft below the street. WOW.!! It takes close to 1.5 mins to finish the escalator ride. I took the below image when I was getting on a train from Rosslyn Station. img_7182

The Wheaton station has the longest escalator in the western hemisphere. Its length is around 70m and could probably take 2 and half Minutes to finish the ride without walking. However, The longest escalator is close to double the length of Wheaton station. It is in Saint Petersberg.

World top 10 lengthiest stations are- 

Saint Petersberg- 449 ft-[3 stations]

Part Pobedy- 416 ft

Tbilisi Metro-394 ft


Náměstí Míru- 285 ft

Wheaton- 230 feet

Stockholm metro- 220 ft

Bethesda- 212 feet

So Next time when you get into these long escalators then keep calm and enjoy the ride.!!