Adobe Social

Adobe Social provides comprehensive social marketing solution that combines strategic services with enterprise-class software. Fully integrated with Adobe Marketing Cloud. Adobe Social is the only platform that enables marketers to track the performance of social content across the customer lifecycle and identify not only the messages and behaviors that drive engagement, but also measurable brand impact. By delivering smarter data, Adobe Social helps marketers optimize content strategies to improve social relationships in the form of reach, engagement, and influence. And better relationships lead to better business results.

Key benefits

1. Manage all social activity with a single solution,Monitor and moderate social conversations, publish and promote content, and analyze social engagement and conversion data all in one scalable, mobile friendly interface.

2. Streamline content development and delivery Access robust listening data to identify content and topics that matter to your audience, leverage predictive insights to optimize posts before they are published, and create content just once and deliver to multiple social platforms and pages.

3. Understand the impact of your social efforts Automatically append tracking codes to owned social content and effectively correlate earned social media to website activity to identify which social conversations drive engagement and customer conversion.

4. Build relationships with key influencers Identify individuals and audience segments most likely to drive conversion and learn which types of posts and messages effectively engage influencers.

5. Integrate social with your other digital marketing efforts Take advantage of integrations with Adobe Marketing Cloud to put social media into context. Track  social media conversions, improve targeting, and optimize onsite experiences by leveraging social  data and customer activity.

6. Exceed your goals with support from experienced social marketers Engage Adobe Social consulting to jump-start your social media presence. Benefit from best  practice recommendations.

Source- Adobe social page


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