Data Analytics

Data Analysis is one of the hottest Practice in the industry. Every sectors try to enrich their business by looking in to data from various platform and channels. This practice is not new but the reason why does it matter now ?

Data analytics (DA) is the science of examining raw data with the purpose of drawing conclusions about that information

As a Data analyst, I can see data types are  changing very rapidly and giving business pain in every part of body to act based on these data. Think of a company who runs online shopping business and they are working on a campaign to be launched on Christmas eve. The company’s campaign  is all set to go live on eve of Christmas but after a day of launching, company realized that this was not the products customer were looking for and campaign gave negative ROI.

Now, What if company would have real time data analytics to understand what is going after campaign was launched ?

The scenario would have been opposite, they must have fixed the running campaign with other one and add few millions $$$ in their pocket.

Therefore, I am emphasizing here on Importance of Real-Time data analytics.


But the problem is how we should achieve real time data analysis ? There are several ways to do it. Use Data Analytics tool like SAS, web analytics tool like Google analytics, Adobe Analytics etc.


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