Fan Story of Blues- Chelsea FC


What a great 14 years of memory with Chelsea FC so far in my Life.!!
I have never thought of following something like this in my life so passionately. I have been following Chelsea FC since 2002(I was in the 9th class that year). That means, almost half of my life. I would have never imagined how a small habit of mine could bring a lot of learning and passion about a game. Most of the folks from my age who started watching or playing football were the fan of Manchester United, Liverpool or Arsenal.

So,why did I chose Chelsea FC then? Well, there are a couple of reason to like this club when I was a kid. Primary reason for getting inclined toward the club football may sound really funny to everyone. But It was really a kind of memory from my childhood that I may not forget for forever. Our father used to come home from work around 7pm and 8pm and It was an opportunity for us(me and brothers) to drink tea again in the evening and watch TV. So, It was kind of break from study for an hour during which We(Myself,father, and Bhai) used to watch SportCenter on ESPN at 8pm almost daily. The reason because most of the other news channel used to present things in a really fancy way but SC would make it more analytical and interesting. On this program, Football news was the second most popular sport after cricket. So, Once we finished watching the cricket news then out of curiosity I started watching football news also. I used to flip channels very fast to go through that.Yeah, That’s how interests in club football grew in me. And then, I started watching football on Saturday/Sunday evening. My father sometimes used to watch the game of Manchester United because of Beckham and that’s why I started following EPL.

Now, The question is Why Only Chelsea? I really liked some of the players from England like John Terry and Frank Lampard(he joined in 2001). and was not so popular and I watched the game in which Chelsea beat Man UTD. I needed to pick my club but really didn’t know any history about Manchester United, Liverpool or arsenal. I just knew that Arsenal had Arsene Wenger and Manchester United had Alex Ferguson as their manager.
I became the fan of Chelsea club after that game and I thought of let’s just follow the game and started watching some of their game during the weekend. Since then, The passion has developed and it has grown higher and going always high.

Ever since the club was bought by Russian Billionaire, we have really enjoyed the success. The popularity of Chelsea FC has increased across the globe and
I am sure the club will always invest in the favor of fans and football.


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