How Deep is Your DC Metro Station?

I moved to United states in summer of 2016 and it has been roller coaster ride since then. I was lucky to move here during summers. The temperature was pretty same as Bangalore so I didn’t feel the change in terms of weather. The biggest change for me at this new place was transportation. I had no plans to buy a car initially and to use public transport or Uber for commuting.It is good to save money & time by using public transportation after all you are paying so much tax.

If you have traveled by Metro to DC and haven’t noticed the escalator then you might have missed a spectacular view. DC’s Metro is the second busiest Public transportation system in the USA after Newyork’s Subway. These Escalators are the beauty of DC Metro. [You may say some bad words about it and wmata won’t mind it]. 

Coming back to the point, I was at Dupont Circle Station and was going up from escalator. See the picture below- 20161029_221307

It is scary. Isn’t it? It took close to 1 minutes to reach the ground from the station. I didn’t realize the length of it when I stepped in but when I turned back to see from the top then I felt OMG..”Is it the longest escalator, I have ever stepped in”. I remember back in India, Kashmiri Gate has one of the longest Metro Escalator. A few months back an incident reported about how 3 people got injured on the escalator. 

The length of the escalator at Dupont Circle is 188 Ft. For a moment, I thought is this the longest escalator? The answer is NO. Washington Metro is famous for lengthy escalator especially Red Line. The WMATA is famous for the Longest Metro Station escalator in Western Hemisphere.

Could you guess which station is this? The station is close to 100ft below the street. WOW.!! It takes close to 1.5 mins to finish the escalator ride. I took the below image when I was getting on a train from Rosslyn Station. img_7182

The Wheaton station has the longest escalator in the western hemisphere. Its length is around 70m and could probably take 2 and half Minutes to finish the ride without walking. However, The longest escalator is close to double the length of Wheaton station. It is in Saint Petersberg.

World top 10 lengthiest stations are- 

Saint Petersberg- 449 ft-[3 stations]

Part Pobedy- 416 ft

Tbilisi Metro-394 ft


Náměstí Míru- 285 ft

Wheaton- 230 feet

Stockholm metro- 220 ft

Bethesda- 212 feet

So Next time when you get into these long escalators then keep calm and enjoy the ride.!!


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