Half Girlfriend – the Book of half thoughts


Last weekend, while travelling to Mysore on Dussehra, I got some time to read the much hyped book of Mr. Chetan Bhagat. I was reading any book after a long time. “Chanakya chants” was my last. To let you know, I pre-ordered this book back in august and it got delivered on 1st october. The reason why I was excited to read this book was  because of places associated with the book and its background. First of all I would like to thank Mr. Chetan Bhagat on his book and its success.

I started the book while going to Mysore but after reading few pages I slept. The book was beyond endurance and I woke up almost 2 hours later. First few pages were quite expected and filmy. Mr. Chetan Bhagat is so weak in detailing the beauty of anything. St. Stephens, one of the most prestigious college of india, is like nothing for him. This could be because he didn’t study at St. Stephens. The beauty of the college should have been described with feelings of Madhav or Ria. But the author didn’t care. The vivacity of Ria was described like a lame author. I again started reading the book in flow and there was nothing to surprise, obvious events and lines were written except the few ones. “Then what” ? , “Make Bihar proud”- This was the good one. And then came the line in Bihari accent- “Deti hai to de varna kat le “. I am sure this won’t be that cheap when an actor will be delivering this on screen. The story at some point was too unrealistic and was not making sense in this era at all. Especially, the whole drama around Bill Gates. CB’s writing skill doesn’make sense at all at any level in this book.

While coming back, I continued the reading because I had nothing to do and this was the only option i had to kill my time. I almost completed the book before I reached to bangalore. I felt that CB didn’t described patna well and he missed many Colors of patna. But I liked the part when he described about patna like- Dankbanglow chawk, Boring road, Gandhi maidan, maurya complex etc. The story was very much predictable. The plot moved from Dumrao to new york. I didn’t understand, how come CB himself came in to the book. I think, the book is written after keeping in mind that a movie will be made on the same script. I felt the same way, when God appeared in One night at call center book. The end of this fiction book was like typical bollywood Movie- Heroine sitting on a high chair, playing guitar- see the actor after long time and hold her breathe and starts kissing the hero in the Bar. That’s the perfect action shot CB can think of. I don’t why he doesn’t even care to write these books. He should go and write the scripts of Bollywood movie.

This book is not for real literature lover. Don’t expect much out of this. The book is written in simple english words so there is no need to open a dictionary as you need it while reading salman rushdie’s book. This book is far better than revolution 2020 which was pathetic.

After you finish reading this book then you will surely think in your mind- “I read it and finally i survived reading it”. Feel free to drop any comments below.


2 thoughts on “Half Girlfriend – the Book of half thoughts

  1. The climax really touched me and I felt like I was in that (Madhav Jha) position…
    Really heart throbbing and will be a mega hit if a movie version comes of this….

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