Real-Time Data Analytics with SAS

As a Data analyst, I can see data types are  changing very rapidly and giving business pain in the every part of body to act based on these data. Think of a company who runs online shopping business and they are working on a campaign to be launched on Christmas eve. The company’s campaign  is all set to go live on eve of Christmas but after a day of the lauch, company realized that this is not the products customer are looking for and campaign results to  negative ROI.

Now, What if company would have real time data analytics to understand what is going on after campaign was launched ?

The scenario would have been opposite, they must have fixed the running campaign with other one and have added few millions $$$ in their pocket.

Therefore, I am emphasizing here on Importance of Real-Time data analytics.

But the problem is how we should achieve real time data analysis ? In this Blog, I will be presenting my experience of using SAS as data analysis tool. There are other tools and systems which also provide us real time data analysis but i have no comments for those systems. 🙂

SAS Real time Decision Manager gives you that flexibility. SAS Decision manager integrate SAS analytics with business rules/decisions to deliver real time recommendations and decisions to all customer platforms such as, websites, call center etc. One of the reason why we should use it because it gives capability for making customer decisions using both profile information  and transaction data(purchases, order history, offers used etc.).

Several key benefits of SAS Real-Time Decision Manager are –

1. Automatic Right decision making ability

2. Customer need on right time, right offer and on right channel

3. Less dependencies with IT team while creating decision process

4. Can handle high volume of data with ease

Now, Lets talk about something real. As I mentioned above company needs to alter its campaign real time to understand the customer product need on Christmas eve. SAS Real-time Decision manager comes with nice UI to create many business rules and decision. We can create cross-sell and  up-sell rules easily and deploy to the production. Please see screenshot below-


To address company problem of understanding which campaign will be more profitable, Company  can use out of box features of A/B test nodes to test the effectiveness of campaign by comparing two versions of the offer. I have attached another screenshot for the same –


Therefore, It is important to create business rules correctly in Intelligence studio which powers your decisions.

If you are looking to understand the details of this, You can visit  SAS institute Inc. to know more about SAS Real-time Decision Manager.

Let me know your thought on this article. If you need any help in this mail me your queries to

Happy reading. 🙂


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