How to get FB Profile Information using Image saved from FB ?


I know the topic for this post looks little different and weird but any ways this is small finding and also it may available on internet.
I had really good photo on my system which was saved way back in my college days so today looking at that picture  i was wondering to see the profile of that person. I will explain how to get profile url from image name.

Please follow these steps –
Suppose The image name saved on my system was(Obviously i am not going to give you that image name.. 😛 ) –
you can actually see this image at the location as follows –

Now when you save the image on your hard drive,
You can see there three numbers separated by underscore in the image name. copy the second number i.e. 10150762899939244

Now open a new tab and enter
this will lead to the FB pic directly and from there you can check the profile pic of the pic owner or the one who is in the pic. 🙂 🙂

Facebook has changed the image naming pattern since last 3 years as sometimes back it used to contain 4 to 5 numbers separtaed by underscore.
It used to add profile_id in number too.
Now happy looking at your old FB pics and finding who was that ..:))

Please let me know if it is useful for you.


55 thoughts on “How to get FB Profile Information using Image saved from FB ?

  1. A lot of questions about FB_IMG_…..jpg are present here. But none of u r answering them, really funny.I’m extremely bothered. ওয়াক থু.😡😠

  2. hi i have a question,
    i found a page that shares someone’s pict,
    can i find the owner of pict?

    i tried ur method, but it comes back to the Fb Page.

  3. Hi I had saved an image to my android device i.e., FB_IMG_1470677082929.. Please help me to find out this profile name & timeline.. It is important for me.. Kindly reply asap!

  4. Hello, can you help me find out the source of the photo, the only priblrm is that, its been downloaded on a andriod device.

      1. yes same problem here I can see in download folder but I do not have any name somebody sent me from whatsapp

  5. I try to find the fb profil of that pic name: 12166286_10207513247812646_107317363_n.jpg
    But i can’t!Please,can you helo me?

  6. Hello There. I found your blog using msn. This is a really well written article. I will be sure to bookmark it and come back to read more of your useful information. Thanks for the post. I will definitely return.

  7. This file: FB_IMG_1430309032861 has a naming pattern. Do you know? I know post date is april, 29 2015, but I don’t know how it was generate. Can I help me?

  8. I need to know the real name of a person whose profile picture is being used to scam women. Can you help – the name is Dakota Mayer and there are no numbers to list and his profile has been wiped clean – can you please help me

  9. I had an image saved to my droid phone (FB_IMG_14034647641984280.jpg) can i search to find the profile it came off of? My phone was stolen, and sold, but I have managed to get it back from the police… The person who stole it was not smart enough to delete the file on the phone that had all the images he saved to the phone from facebook. so now i need to know if i can find the profile by the numbers above… or if i can do it…. I would just be greatful that i got the phone back but the problem is he took the sd card out of the phone and deleted all of my photos, My 6 month old son passed away and i have nothing left, I would like to know if anyone will help me so i can have closure and he can pay for what he did… please and thank you

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